Your dreaming space & drawing board for living well, your way 

No more playing small, excuses, and making do. As the artist of your life, how will you design the next stage of your story?

What if it's the year you finally plan that multi-day hike in the wilderness, start your business, and find your dream house by the mountains.

Or maybe it's your time to take action and plant your permaculture forest, create a work schedule on your own terms, and made your body stronger than ever before.

I've made Life Studio for kindred spirits who desire a life of freedom, abundance, and playful creativity. Who care deeply about the planet and being a custodian of nature. And who want to make their life into the piece of art it deserves to be. If that's you, you're in the right place.

Your dream life is unique to you, but the way you dream, design, and take action has a blueprint. Life Studio exists to give you the tools you need to dream bigger, find your clarity, and take action starting now.

Instead of being frozen in place by procrastination, insecurity, and playing small, find the clarity and confidence to take the next steps towards your biggest goals and dreams, just as you are.

I'm so excited to see the magic you can create. Love,

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What do you really want?

Have you ever asked that question properly, without thinking about what others expect of you or what you should be doing? 

Think about it for a moment. 

What would you do if you knew you were safe, ready, and enough, exactly as you are? How would you live your biggest and boldest life?

That's the question I've spent years trying to answer. I want to help you find your most authentically, fully-you answer too.

By enrolling in Life Studio, you get lifetime course access plus 25+ design resources, video tutorials, audio downloads, and an accompanying workbook to inspire your life design.

Join me in Life Studio to...

  • Clarify the details of your dream life and turn it into a plan you can start moving closer to right now.
  • Recalibrate the key areas of your life to feel balanced and focused on what matters to you.
  • Make 1% pivots that compound to create huge shifts.

Dream + design + take action.

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The Life Studio Course

Find the inspiration, motivation, and resources to design your future in the course space. Browse 20+ chapters on Dreaming, Designing and Action.

Your Life Map

Clarify where you are with a  visualisation of how the different areas of your life are in balance and where to give some loving focus.

Your Dream Life Workspace

Clarify, organise, and act on your goals and details of your dream life with your own personalisable and inspiring workspace.          

Blueprint for Your Next Big Leap

Visualise your next big leap, identify the blocks in your way, and weigh up the pros and cons of acting on it now.

A Plan & Roadmap for Your Big Goals

Create an actionable plan for your big dream that turns it into a reality with the goal planning templates.

Audio Inspiration

Listen to the course chapters and bonus resources as you walk through the woods, sit in the park, or drink your morning tea.

The Design Library

Browse 20+ templates and resources, including goal-setting PDFs, audio guided meditations, and 100+ journal prompts.

Hey, I'm Lucy Fuggle

I'm an adventurer in love with mountains, forests, and the Arctic. I'm also a business owner, author, ex-tech person, and redhead who needs SPF 50 here in Denmark.

I was born on a sheep farm in England and grew up with plenty of quirks (that I later found out were Autism Spectrum Disorder, PTSD, and anxiety disorders).

Back in 2015, I moved to Switzerland for love, lived alone by the mountains, and wrote a book about it.

I now live in Copenhagen with my husband, Iain, who I married in a treehouse by a loch in Scotland.

I do things differently, but it hasn't always been that way.

I grew up pushing myself to get straight As at any cost, because that is what others expected of me. I thought if I didn't get a first-class degree I would be a failure. I thought my career was a measure of how good at life I was.

And all that, it turned out, was bullshit. It didn't make me happy when I was working my arse off for other people to make money.

It didn't make me happy to have no energy for my creative projects outside of work.

It didn't make me happy when I walked myself to hospital from work one day with weird health problems because I was ignoring what my body needed.

The map I was told to follow didn't work for me. I had to create my own. And I had to do it intentionally, reverse-engineering the details of my ideal life to meet where I was in the present.

I've created my own art of living well – and I want to help you create your own, too.

Find the courage and clarity to do what you're here to do

Dreaming is all well and good, but it's also time to make things happen. Your books won't write themselves. Your business isn't built on inspiration alone. You can't manifest your legacy without putting in the work. 

The world needs more caring, bold individuals to create change, regeneration, and new ways of being.

It's your time – right now. You're already enough and you're ready this exact moment, without changing or waiting for a thing.

So much can change in the next year. 

Dream, design, take action.

Lifetime Access for


  • Online course area with guided planning to engineer your ideal health, mind, work, home, finances, creativity, relationships, and community.
  • Design Library with 20+ resources for working out what you actually want (and how to get there)
  • Life Map interactive template to check where you are now and identify what to focus on
  • Access to the Dream Life Workspace to make your dreams tangible
  • Goal Setting templates for the key areas of your life
  • 5 audio guides to help you clarify your goals and plan your path forwards, including a Future Life Meditation
  • 100+ journal prompts to guide you to the best version of your life
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Dream bigger for yourself and our world


When people like you dream big and take action, huge changes happen – all while you live a freedom-filled, gloriously abundant life. Now is your time to step up, dream big, and take action on what you're here to do.

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