Your Life in Bloom

Musings on Finding Your Path & Your Courage, Grounded in the Wisdom of Nature


"One day you will step outside to walk through the woods, hear the birds in the canopy of the oak tree, and remember how much you adore life..."

Your Life in Bloom is my collection of musings on the art of courageously finding your way when you need it most, grounded in the beauty, wisdom, and comfort of nature.

It’s a book to turn to at the most difficult moments: during anxiety, depression, heartbreak, or when feeling lost. Turn to any chapter for a balm for the soul – and a reminder that things will get easier and more beautiful.

With nurturing words and nature by your side, step forward on your journey with more boldness, creativity, self-assurance, and kindness than ever before.

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"Forget all about all the “chicken soup” feel-good books. Forget all about the usual motivational or inspirational books. This is the new way to go. Each page will remind you how lucky you are to be alive, how good it is to be you and what makes you the you you are now, and how awesome it is to be you. Love!"

"I needed this book and I will need this book. If you love reading poetry, and also books like The Comfort Book by Matt Haig you will definitely love this one as you will find what you're exactly looking for. Something relatable, something trustworthy, something comforting and something reliable. I love the full paged illustrations! Totally worth reading it like it's a manifesto that talks about mental health and everyday life in general. All the motivation you will need ever."

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Your Life in Bloom
The origin of the wildest transformations

What's in the workbook

12 pages to contemplate, dream, and plan, including:

  • 5 Reset Rituals to rebalance and inspire you
  • Space to map out where you are + where you want to be
  • Journal prompts to guide you towards your next steps

Inside the book

Featuring beautiful illustrations by Miranda Sofroniou


"Commit to falling in love with the good in the world. Stop to notice the beauty in all things. And with time, but no rush, remember how you are just another part of the universe, just like the birds, trees, mosses, and animals that warm your heart."


"I needed to escape my loneliness. I needed comfort and companionship. I needed certainty and faith and stability. But the truth is that I can’t fix that all now. Instead, I made a commitment to noticing. I made it my job to seek the beauty around me; to witness the little magic shows of nature unveiling in hedgerows and verges and the changing of the seasons. By turning my attention outward and finding places and creatures to love, I found beauty to focus on. I had reasons to stay."


"You aren’t stuck as the person you were as a child, or at the turn of adulthood. You’re not a finished product. You’re living your life in just one of an infinite number of ways, as a single shade of the person called You. The most fascinating work of a lifetime is charting the course of your own evolution."


"There’s never one right path. There are thousands of versions of your life where you have the most fantastic time. You can never choose all of them. But you can realise when you’re feeling stuck and take a small step in a different direction. Even when you have no idea where you’re going, you can follow your curiosity, just to see where it takes you. You don’t need a calling or grand mission. It’s more than enough to make your life a gentle pursuit of love, joy, and curiosity."


"Each time you reach a new low, you find your next phoenix moment; your chance to emerge stronger and more courageously vibrant than ever before. Know it’s coming. Jump onto the back of the flaming red bird and let it soar exactly where life needs you to be next."


 "Use your deep sensitivity to measure the pulse of the world. Tune into the musicians and writers and artists and friends and strangers who shake you and lift you and rip you into little pieces. Feel it all, even the messiness and heartbreaking vulnerability, knowing that this is what life feels like and that, even on the hardest days, there are others singing the same tune."


5/5 "This was an amazing book. It was one I didn’t even know I needed. If you are a fan of self help as well as nature and almost a whimsical vibe, I think you will get something out of this. I appreciated the mix of casual (easy to digest) writing style with actionable tips. Overall I would rate this 5/5 stars and would recommend to those who deal with anxiety, depression, self esteem, loneliness and codependency."

– Marie


5/5 "I needed this book and I will need this book. If you love reading poetry, and also books like The Comfort Book by Matt Haig you will definitely love this one as you will find what you're exactly looking for. Something relatable, something trustworthy, something comforting and something reliable. I love the full paged illustrations! Totally worth reading it like it's a manifesto that talks about mental health and everyday life in general. All the motivation you will need ever."

– Reading T


5/5 "Lucy's book is just what is needed in today's world because so many people need the courage to bloom into their better selves. The author writes in a way that keeps your attention very easily. Her words are full of encouragement and help with changing the path that the reader is going on. She gave a lot of encouragement and practical tips which I think make this manual very useful."

– Sophie


5/5 "A real page turner in a way that you really want to read the next true to life gem of uplifting words. Life isn’t always a bed of roses and this book will get you through anything it throws at you."

– Vicky


5/5 "What a fab little look on life and nature. Calming, beautiful and just so inspiring. Worth a read fo picking up your spirits and finding your courage again. Just lovely."

– Vievie


5/5 "A unique book, like a self-help of poetry that has so many good insights. It's short and beautiful."

– Angela


5/5 "So much good advice, and the illustrations are a perfect addition! This has definitely helped to find my path. Can't wait to try them all out in my own life!"

– Nicole


4/5 "I'm so glad that I spontaneously chose to request this book despite being a self-help hater for years, it also helped that this book continuously didn't tell me I am living my life in a wrong way.  Something about the book felt nice, maybe it's the title or the cover, the connection with nature that compelled me to read the book. I'm so glad that I did. The narration didn't feel intimidating rather it was like talking with a friend after having a bad day. The words were so soothing and gentle. They didn't make me feel pressured to do anything right NOW., Only reminded that I have a choice, the power to take hold of my life whenever I want to. The interrelation between nature and human life is beautifully portrayed and the illustrations are gem. At the moment I'm going through a shitty situation and hearing about her own experiences and relating them to mine helped me more than I hoped. Recommended!"

– Ainun


5/5 "Your Life in Bloom is a sweet little, matter of fact book which states its purpose in a simple yet effective language. I gained quite a lot and finished it in one go start to finish."

– Bharti


5/5 "I fell in love with this book right from the first page. I had to hold myself back from finishing it in one go. I took my time savoring this a little every day. I have been going through tough times the past few months and this book came into my life at the right time. Thank you Lucy Fuggle."

– Pranusha


5/5 "🌸 I’m a plant lover and thought this book cover was gorgeous. The full-page illustrations inside are just as beautiful.

🌸 I loved this part of the description "You have no way of knowing how you will find roots in places you never expected, grow buds from nothing and thrive like you never thought possible” because I have noticed that oftentimes out of something painful or ugly in life, you are resurrected into a beautiful, new and unexpected beginning.

🌸  I will continue to reference this book when I faulter from center as a dose of encouragement....reminders to keep looking at things in a positive way, sometimes the simplest things are the answer and the best advice....books can help with everything. What bookworm doesn’t love that advice?

🌸  You can skip around in the book to a chapter that suits your mood at the time for a dose of inspiration!

🌸  I found this little book brought me a feeling of peace and comfort as I read it. It reminded me to take a deep breath in our busy world. The author's write in gentle & kind way, like she's giving you a big hug. I also love that she writes about the importance of mental health.

🌸  If you are a nature lover and/or enjoy inspirational reads, then I highly recommend this one! You will thoroughly enjoy."

– Kitty


5/5 "Such a great book from the first page on. The cover artwork is beautiful and then interior sections were easy to understand, relate to, and read. Highly recommend."

– Katie


5/5 "This book is great. I loved the insight it taught me. It gives me motivation to do more, to flourish. Every educator and therapist would benefit from it."

– Ashley


5/5 "I love this book. Fact. The language is accessible, easy to read and understand. I think this is really important when reading at a difficult time, when your head can’t cope with heavy jargon. This book has little snapshots of positivity, reminders, uplifting messages, all when you need them most. They are a reminder that, even in your darkest days, you’re not alone. They vary in length, but are never too long or too heavy to manage, even on your worst days. You can read in order, or delve in at random - either way, you’re going to read something helpful that speaks to you. These gentle, loving messages are peppered with beautiful illustrations throughout. Would highly recommend."


4/5 "This was such an inspiring, beautifully written book, full of wonderfully encouraging ideas, on how to live your life positively each day. I really loved reading it, and looking at the gorgeous illustrations. It was just such a nice way of relaxing,  and winding down for the day."

– Dee


4/5 "I didn't know what to expect with this, but it is a beautiful, comforting read with lovely images! I think I definitely need this in a hard copy!"

– Saira


4/5 "I picked this up kind of on a whim. The cover is (obviously) gorgeous and the author said she was inspired by Mary Oliver, one of my favorite poets. Your Life in Bloom was a really lovely, short reflection on nature and life that rolled up a lot of the lessons I am continuing to learn into a sweet, beautifully illustrated package. Something I expect I will turn back to :)"

– Amanda


4/5 "I raced through this lovely, thoughtful book in one short sitting. The author shares with the reader her advice on dealing with life's ups and downs. I feel like I picked this book up at just the right time. I found it comforting, wise and to the point. Lovely illustrations too."

– Katie


4/5 "I picked up this book out of curiosity because the cover is beautiful. I expected nothing, just some self-help book with a pretty cover. However, this book surprised me. It lets me slow down while I devour every word of it, it lets me take a moment to look around and match my pace with nature, it lets me breathe. I might not immediately apply all the sweet, gentle words into my life but some of the encouragement will surely stay in my head for a long time."

– Inez


4/5 "This book is one that can be dipped into again and again, read either in order or by picking an entry that just suits a current mood. There are many short, thoughtful entries in this book. I will pick a few that I read at random: Anxiety lies; You are not your past, The simplest things are most important, and a special favorite, Books help with everything. This is a title that can offer a bit of inspiration and encouragement when those are the qualities needed. I will be looking at this one for a while."

– Joyce


4/5 "My favorite chapters were “Trust the seasons of your life” and “Types of tiredness.” As the author expresses with beautiful prose and metaphors, it’s so important to know when to rest and when to be active, as well as just how much and what type of rest you truly need. Thank you to the publisher for the opportunity to read this book and discover a new author!"

– Amanda